Analysis of water purifier quick connector to use when you need to pay attention to the problem

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Analysis of water purifier quick connector to use when you need to pay attention to the problem

Quick connector is the water purifier installation process must use the accessories, but we use the quick connector when there is no careful understanding of the problem should be noted that there may be a lot of people said: This is too simple. But you know? There are a lot of water purifier on the market because the quick connector is not connected, so let the slightest sloppy.
To this end, the water purification network specifically summed up the following seven points, I hope everyone in the installation of water purifier when using quick connector can pay attention to:
First, carefully check the connector for any distortion or break before using the quick connector. If the rapid home of such a phenomenon, it is likely to lead to leakage of the machine, or other problems, the use of the machine after the implanted a hidden danger.
Second, the quick connector should be away from the concrete floor for some distance, if next to the ground, which makes the quick connector long crimping, will soon be deformed, leading to water leakage.
Third, when using the quick connector do not over the joints in the excessive force screw, this may lead to thread twist, the interface appears leakage phenomenon.
Fourth, please align the model with the correct quick connector, forced the use of different types of quick connector, the interface must be leaking.
Fifth, do not install the quick connector in the house, so that the sun will be exposed with easy to break quickly caused by quick joints, which led to leakage, so should be as fast as possible in the sun, ventilated place.
Sixth, the quick connector is not used near the source of the fire, because the quick connector material is plastic, if exposed to high temperature is easy to soften deformation, so in the future use is very prone to problems.
Seventh, quick connector because it is with the water filter after the water in direct contact, so fast home materials must be environmentally friendly, if the use of poor quality materials, quick joints, may lead to filtered water "secondary pollution "
Quick joints in the use of these details of the problem we need to pay attention to, so as to avoid a small loss.




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