Water purification industry dedicated fast-locking connector is about to market

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Water purification industry dedicated fast-locking connector is about to market

HC water industry network: water purification industry dedicated fast-locking connector is about to market - the development of new fast-locking connector
Author Wuhan Peng Jianguo
【Abstract】 In this paper, the existing quick joints in the use of water seepage, leakage, detonation, etc. made a detailed analysis and clearly pointed out the reasons for this, put forward technical solutions, and specifically for the water purification industry developed a new fast lock Tighten the working principle of the joint, the basic structure and application of the effect of a brief introduction.
【Key words】 fast locking joints; water purifier special fittings; waterway connection device
1 Introduction
Quick connector - as a water purifier, water in the water between the various components of a connection device, with its fast and convenient by the industry among the various manufacturers to adopt, but unsatisfactory in all water purifiers, Straight drink machine, water machine water seepage, water leakage phenomenon, basically and "quick connector" has a direct relationship. "Fittings" leaks, seepage for the manufacturers engaged in water purification industry is a "heart disease" (the author regardless of production, operation and use have experienced), although the manufacturers are trying to reduce and try to overcome Such problems occur, but still very hard to detect, with little success, such water leakage, seepage, detonation events continue to repeat the same mistakes, resulting in many manufacturers talk about "leakage" discoloration, blame industry support is not in place, "joint" technology lag Industry development, can not find stable performance, safe and reliable, easy to use special "connector."
2 background technology
The existing "quick connector" has a long history, who invented, and when to enter the water industry can not be verified, but the industry is rarely used to become a reality, but there must be two points: First, the "joint" principle of work And the basic structure from the pneumatic tool industry, tracheal connection device, in principle, should be designed specifically for the pneumatic tools for the special accessories, due to water and gas road media, pressure and other working conditions and working conditions have different quality and quantity should be different Design; Second, the water industry is currently no specific PE water pipe connections to the water parts of the professional parts of the absence of a hindrance to the development of the industry a major technical bottleneck.
The existing types of water purifiers and pure water machine commonly used lock-type quick connector, in order to connect the unit filter filter and access to water and water and water to be connected with a variety of parts, water purifier system water safety, Fast connector plays a key role, according to incomplete statistics: 90% of the water leakage, water seepage is caused by the quick connector, the reason: First, the joint built-in O-type rubber gasket only PE pipe diameter outside the block The way it can not withstand the pressure when the pressure increases and produce chronic water seepage; Second, the lock after the assembly, commissioning, storage and installation and installation of multi-channel program after the deformation of the lock, lock off and missing, resulting in water Pressure is increased when the water leakage; Third, the assembly size of the joint pipe PE pipe concentricity, wall thickness and forming round requirements are very strict, and PE pipe is a mass production of common parts is difficult to meet the requirements; Ultrasonic welding process in the leakage welding, Weld. Above these technical problems are directly related to the normal use of quick joints, joint parts are small but in the whole system running a waterway connected to protect the important function of security.
3 development content and basic principles
The purpose of the development is to provide a quicker, more efficient operation and a quick-acting fastener that does not affect performance, in view of the shortcomings of the prior art.
The rapid locking joint is a kind of connection device which is connected with the water pipe of the water purifier and the water pipe system. It consists of a pipe seat, an inner and outer pipe sleeve and an O type rubber gasket. The front and rear combination threads are formed inside and outside. Locking linkage principle structure. The technical scheme to be adopted is that when the PE pipe is inserted into the socket of the O-type rubber gasket by the inside and outside the sleeve, it is only necessary to tighten the outer pipe to tighten the gasket to compact and lock the PE pipe, In order to achieve the secondary pressure seal and lock PE pipe, to ensure that the entire joint parts in the use of non-leakage, without leaving.
4 compared with the prior art
The development of the rapid locking connector compared with the existing lock-type connector: ① production process is simplified, all parts are mold injection molding, no ultrasonic welding secondary processing; ② material costs lower, fewer parts, processing (3) the structure is more compact, no lock missing or loose phenomenon; ④ installation more convenient, fast, just forward tight can; ⑤ repeated use will not affect performance; ⑥ can better adapt to fluctuating water Pressure impact; ⑦ PE water pipe matching no special requirements, no matter what the quality of the PE pipe can be locked tightly sealed. As a result, greatly improve the water purifier, pure water machine in the assembly process efficiency and water safety in use.
 5 concluding remarks
The development of a new type of fast-locking joints, as specifically for the water purification industry design of the general accessories, its basic functions, unique structure novel, high reliability, low cost, better able to adapt to water purifier, Machine system safety performance requirements, and can achieve the implementation of the national standard "household and similar use of drinking water treatment device" test method to verify the program required for static water pressure, resistance to circulating water pressure, blasting pressure and other technical indicators. With the application of technology promotion, will improve the water purification industry, "quick connector" technology and put an end to seepage, leakage, detonation plays a positive role in promoting.
【Director】 Peng Jianguo, male (1957-), Wuhan City, university degree, senior management division, served as director of the State-owned plant, director of the Institute and foreign investment, joint venture, general manager of domestic companies, with more than 20 years Home appliances and water appliances senior management and technology research and development experience, access to a number of water appliances, small household appliances invented, utility model, the appearance of patents.



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